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The Aus Energy Solar team is composed of individuals who are passionate about the renewable energy sector. We have been in the solar industry for several years prior to starting the business. During this time, the demand for solar was high, but customer expectations were hardly met despite the steep prices. For this reason, we decided to start Aus Energy Solar, whose primary focus is to provide tailored solar solutions for Australian homes.

It is our mission to drive strong and positive environmental impacts through sustainable resources. Through personalised packages of solar panels, inverters, and battery storage, we have a diverse portfolio that can meet any requirements for the most reasonable price possible.

Our Expertise

We all know that solar is dependable when it comes to consistency as a source of energy. And with Australia’s sunny climate, homes and businesses can truly benefit from solar power. However, that’s only possible when you have real experts helping you achieve your goal towards clean, green energy.

Because we have been working in the renewable energy sector for over a decade, Aus Energy Solar can help streamline the process of installing your solar system. Our experts will guide you throughout the whole project, from determining the best solar panel orientation to the size or capacity.

Unlike other installers, we do not just supply solar packages. Rather, we assess your needs so that we can design an ideal system that genuinely works for your requirements, specifically your energy consumption. With a tailored solar system, you get a flexible solution that’s appropriate and practical for your home.

Need assistance? Call us today, and we will help you choose a suitable solar battery for your solar system.

Our Expertise

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Going green, especially with electricity, is often easier said than done. The process can be complex, but not when you have experienced professionals who are always ready to serve. Aus Energy Solar can help make your transition from traditional to clean, green energy. Start your journey right away by contacting our friendly team today!