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Brisbane’s sunny climate makes it an ideal location for solar panels. Embracing solar energy in Brisbane offers households and businesses an opportunity to significantly reduce electricity bills, decrease carbon footprints, and contribute to a greener future.

The city’s ample sunshine allows solar systems to operate efficiently, generating clean, renewable energy throughout the year. Investing in solar panels in Brisbane not only harnesses the power of nature but also aligns with Queensland’s commitment to sustainable living.

With various government incentives available, going solar has never been more accessible or rewarding. Make the switch to solar today and join Brisbane’s growing community of eco-conscious energy users.

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Solar Packages Brisbane

As a leader in the solar photovoltaic market, we provide top-quality products and services, along with expert advice to meet all your solar energy needs.

Here at Aus Energy Solar, we recognise the uniqueness of every home or business. That’s why we offer three tailored options: Basic and Advanced for residential properties, and Enterprise for businesses. Our home solar packages range from 3kW to 13.2kW, featuring at least Tier 1 solar panels, inverters, and Clenergy railing and brackets for installation.

If you’re considering installing a solar system, you’re in the right place. Our solar panels and inverters come with comprehensive manufacturer’s warranties and professional installation for your assurance. We also provide battery storage solutions to harness surplus energy, allowing you to use electricity on overcast days and even at night.

Let’s begin your clean energy journey. Contact our team to get a quote today!

Brisbane Solar FAQs

Brisbane residents may be eligible for various state and federal government incentives, including rebates and feed-in tariffs. These programs are designed to make solar installation more affordable and to reward you for the excess energy your system generates. Check the Queensland Government and Australian Government websites for the most current information on solar incentives.

Typically, the expense of setting up a solar panel system in Queensland varies between $5,000 and $10,000, sometimes even more. This estimate encompasses the panels, inverter, mounting apparatus, and labour costs for installation. Remember, this figure is a broad estimation, with the actual expense determined by your unique needs.

Installing solar panels should be viewed as a long-term investment, potentially leading to substantial reductions in your electricity expenses over the years. Moreover, there might be different government incentives and rebates accessible to lessen the upfront cost, making solar energy more economically viable.

Queensland boasts some of the highest solar radiation levels globally, averaging 20 megajoules per square metre. This exceptional solar exposure positions it as a prime spot for generating solar energy. This means that standard 6kw Solar system can generate on average can generate around 4.2kWh
In short, Solar has become cheaper and the payback period has become shorter. So yes, we believe that  for you & your home. Brisbane experiences more sun than most places in Australia, meaning that your system will be producing energy far more than the average. This will allow you to pay off your system sooner and enjoy your environmentally friendly impact!

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Are you in search of a reliable solar installer in Brisbane? Look no further. Say goodbye to escalating electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. Taking this step towards energy independence is a wise choice, and we’re here to provide all the support you require.