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What Are
Home Solar Batteries?

Solar is efficient when the panels are working to capture solar energy. But if you don’t consume that energy to run your appliances and lights, it obviously goes to waste. Worse, you can’t use it at night. This is where solar batteries become incredibly helpful.

Whether you are new to solar or have had solar panels for years, having a solar battery can significantly and positively impact your entire setup. With home solar batteries, you can store energy and use it when needed – even when it’s rainy, gloomy, or at night. They are an alternative to feeding energy back to the grid. Or, you can use them as an addition to your solar system to make your residence or commercial space somewhat immune to power outages.

Introduction to Solar Batteries
Battery Products

Solar Batteries
In Your Home

We have a number of battery products for you to consider. Selecting a home solar battery will depend on your stored energy requirements, among others. For example, if you wish to power more of your home at the same time, we recommend that you get a solar battery that comes with a high power rating.

On the other hand, a battery with a high instantaneous power rating is the most ideal if you want to power energy-intensive appliances such as a sump pump, washing machine, and dishwasher.

Need assistance? Call us today, and we will help you choose a suitable solar battery for your solar system.

Need assistance? Call us today, and we will help you choose a suitable solar battery for your solar system.

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Solar Battery Calculator

Battery Calculator

Are you wondering which battery specifications you will gain the most benefit from? This calculator can come in handy as you plan the best size of the solar rig to build. Use Aus Energy Solar’s calculator to estimate your power usage and determine the solar battery capacity you need for your home or facility.

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(Bills range from $600 - $3,000)

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*Based on Synergy A1 Tariff - 66 day bill cycle and average daytime usage

Benefits of Batteries

According to Synergy, a medium four-bed, two-bath household has an average bill of $332. The rate usually goes up when temperatures dip. Solar panels can help reduce your energy bills, but the problem is that they don’t store excess energy that you can use for later. That’s why a solar battery is an excellent addition to your solar system. Here are six reasons why:

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You can make the most of your solar power setup. Instead of relying on the grid when you don’t produce sufficient energy, you can pull power from the home solar batteries, especially on cloudy days.

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Enjoy greater electricity security with solar batteries. Your home becomes more energy-resilient, lowering your grid dependency. This is particularly beneficial if you live in an area with an unstable grid.

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Emergencies, whether natural or manmade, can cause blackouts for a few hours or even several days. Be prepared with a solar system with energy storage, so you can power your home at night.

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Having an energy storage system can greatly reduce your electric bills. That’s why partnering your solar panels and inverter with a good capacity battery system is best to back up your home and further save on electricity costs.

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A solar system that includes battery storage does not create any noise pollution. If you have been using a generator whenever the grid is down, you may want to switch to solar, especially if your neighbours are complaining about the noise.

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Batteries help reduce carbon footprint. As you bring your home closer to self-sufficiency, you produce lower carbon emissions. This is essential in going green and contributing more towards reducing pollution.

Why Choose Us For Your Solar Battery Needs?

Aus Energy Solar is committed to helping you get the most out of your solar investment. Our customers are offered comprehensive consultation services with our solar experts so that they know all their solar options. We will then customise a green energy solution that meets their requirements.

We can help you build an efficient system that includes a battery box, inverter, and solar panels in sizes and capacities appropriate for your electricity consumption. With Aus Energy Solar, getting a solar battery couldn’t be easier. We service warranty issues promptly and provide system upgrades, so you can enjoy your complete solar system and start saving money on your electric bills.

Why Choose Aus Energy Solar

Solar Battery FAQs

Adding a battery to your solar panel system allows you to maximise the use of the electricity your panels generate, reducing your reliance on the grid and potentially lowering your energy bills. It also provides an added layer of security by supplying power during outages, making your home more self-sufficient and energy-resilient.

Yes, we offer competitive financing solutions for home solar panels to make it easier for you to invest in solar energy. Our interest-free repayments and other financing options can reduce the upfront cost, making it easier for Perth residents to take advantage of the benefits of solar energy.

Solar batteries are an environmentally friendly option when used as part of a solar panel system. They enable homes and businesses to use more of the solar energy they generate, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and decreasing carbon emissions. Additionally, advances in battery technology and recycling processes are continually improving their environmental footprint.

Installation times vary based on your location and the solar system size, but most residential installations can be completed in a day or two. Before any installation, we’ll give you a clear idea of what to expect. Our installers aim to get your solar system up and running with as little disruption to your daily life as possible.

To maintain your solar battery effectively, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for care and maintenance. This may include regular checks for any signs of damage, ensuring the battery is kept at an appropriate temperature, and avoiding overcharging or deep discharging, which can shorten its lifespan.

Yes, various state and federal government incentives and rebates may be available for installing solar batteries in Australia. These incentives can significantly reduce the upfront cost of adding a battery to your solar panel system. For the most current information and eligibility criteria we have guides for WAVictoria & NSW.

Whether a solar battery is right for you depends on several factors, including your energy usage patterns, solar panel system size, budget, and energy goals. Our team can provide a personalised assessment based on your specific needs and help you make an informed decision.

For any more questions or personalised advice on solar batteries, feel free to contact our expert team. We’re here to help you make the most of your solar energy system.

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