Commercial Solar

Why Commercial Solar Power?

A lot goes into running a business, from setting up the office and doing research to building and maintaining client relationships. Everything is carefully evaluated to ensure a positive net income, prompting owners and managers to search for ways to reduce their expenditures. That’s where solar power comes in.

Commercial solar is the same as residential solar, although it’s much bigger in scale. Commercial facilities have more space to work with, meaning the commercial solar system can accommodate more solar panels. The result is a much larger generational capacity.

Generally, a commercial-sized system is at least 10kW, whereas residential solar is between 5-6kW. For help picking the right size of commercial solar for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Aus Energy Solar.

Introduction to Commercial Solar
Commercial Solar Packages

Solar Installation

Solar technology has matured, and there are many options in the market. You have the potential to grow your business by lowering your power bills with a suitable solar system.

Having been in the solar sector for many years, we know the best solar panels, inverters, and battery storage. To make building your solar system more straightforward, we have solar packages designed to meet your energy consumption and requirements.

The right system is the key to maximising your savings. We’ve got you covered whether you want energy price certainty for long-term or immediate bill savings. Don’t risk your investment; use quality solar products from Aus Energy Solar that will stay efficient for years to come.

Need assistance? Call us today, and we will help you choose a suitable solar battery for your solar system.

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Commercial Solar Calculator

Do you need 10kW, 30kW, or more? How much can you afford and save with your planned solar setup? No need to guess. We have a solar calculator to help you estimate and size your solar system for your commercial space. The first step to finding the right solar solution for your business starts here.

What is your current bill size?

(Bills range from $700 - $2,000)

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*Based on Synergy A1 Tariff - 66 day bill cycle and average daytime usage

Benefits of Commercial Solar

Solar power is a widely adopted form of renewable energy in Australia. In fact, it’s reported that our solar capacity could reach 80 GW by 2030. This is encouraging for businesses, as it reassures them that solar energy will continue to thrive in the future. Having clean energy and enjoying huge savings are reasons to adopt solar today. Here are more:

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Renewable Energy

Solar power comes from the sun, the largest renewable energy source. Unlike fossil fuels and other sources, it will not diminish and run out even if you use your solar system every single day.

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The growing demand for energy use will lead to the depletion of traditional energy sources. Solar power remains viable forever. It doesn’t need renewal or replenishment, which means it can meet future needs for energy.

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Evolving Technology

As your business grows, so does your electric consumption. The good news is that solar energy has significantly improved, with the industry constantly changing to accommodate large and complex solar requirements further.

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Return on Investment

Solar systems are an investment that will truly pay off after just a few years. They effectively lower your electricity bills, which helps you see a real and tangible ROI.

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Government Incentives

The Federal and state governments are continuously looking for ways to encourage more people and businesses to choose the clean energy route. You may be qualified for rebates and incentives when you install solar on your premises.

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Low Maintenance

Solar panels do not require hours of your attention every day. At Aus Energy Solar, we supply and install high-quality panels with a durable protective coating. You’re guaranteed smooth operations for a long time.

We Make Commercial Solar Easy

Commercial solar does not have to be complicated. The process is quick and straightforward when you have Aus Energy Solar by your side. Consultation kickstarts the commercial solar installation project. This stage is where we determine the best system for your premises, as well as the installation process that best suits your unique business settings.

The next step is designing your system. Our experts will customise the solar power system based on your energy consumption and facility dimensions. Expect a tailored strategy that maximises energy output, delivering a true return on your investment!

Aus Energy Solar takes pride in our outstanding customer service. Our job does not end at installation. All you need to do is to reach out to us for repair, maintenance, and other enquiries.

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Commercial & Business Solar FAQs

Commercial solar and residential solar are mostly the same. However, commercial solar involves larger-scale solar installations designed for business premises. Commercial solar systems offer a greater generation capacity compared to residential systems due to the larger available space for solar panels. A typically commercial-sized solar system is at least 10kW, whereas a residential solar system is between 5-6kW.

Switching to commercial solar power offers a variety of benefits, including a significant reduction in energy expenditures, contributing to a positive net income by lowering operational costs, and offering a sustainable energy source.

Generally, commercial solar systems start at 10kW, catering to the higher energy needs of businesses, compared to residential systems which are typically between 5-6kW.

The right size commercial solar system will depend on your energy needs, industry, space, roof structure, permits, and location. We take all of these factors into account when determining the ideal size solar system for your facility.

Aus Energy Solar offers expert consultation to tailor solar packages based on your business’s energy consumption and requirements, ensuring maximum savings and efficiency.

For help picking the right size commercial solar setup for your business, feel free to get in touch with our expert solar technicians at Aus Energy Solar. You can also check out our guide on Commercial Solar Power: How to Find the Ideal Commercial Solar Power Solution.

Benefits of commercial solar systems include access to renewable energy, sustainability, evolving technology that accommodates growing businesses, return on investment, potential government incentives, and low maintenance requirements.

Investing in a commercial solar system also provides protection against future increases in electricity prices. The reduced carbon footprint and reliance on a clean, sustainable energy source also appeals to customers who prefer business with the “green” label.

Yes, contacting Aus Energy Solar directly will connect you with our solar experts who can provide detailed information and quotes tailored to your commercial facility’s needs. We’re happy to chat with you about any of your questions or to schedule a free on-site quote for a commercial solar system for your business or facility.

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Are you thinking of going solar for your business? Cutting through the noise to learn whether solar makes sense for your commercial facility can be difficult. That’s why we’re here for you. Simply contact Aus Energy Solar to speak with one of our solar experts to get the information you need in making your decision.